Tell me about your company

I head a building development and design company specialising in residential refurbishments & new build.

My background in the industry is design and drawing, which is a bit of an advantage over other builders because we create a design with the client using AutoCAD software and turn that into reality.

We recognised that people have been turning to refurbishments and home improvements rather than buying new properties in the recession.

Most of our work comes from recommendation plus the FMB/Trustmark website, not necessarily through advertisement.


How do you feel about Trustmark?

The Trustmark affiliation is fantastic; with it comes the reassurance that our firm maintains a relationship with the client that upholds a moral obligation as well as a contractual one.

We have a company ethos that believes there are three issues that a client considers, Trust, Price and reliability. I think Woody Allen said ‘90 percent of success is turning up’

I am passionate about the work we do and believe it’s a juggle between maintaining a balance of being cost effective whilst still being able to provide a good after care service. We know problems do occur and we will always pick up the phone to resolve them.


Emily Conway

Trustmark PR