Mr Warner

“I was one of the lucky people who has managed to get my foot on the property ladder at the Clock House development in Welwyn village.

The design and build were undertaken by a company called Developing London.

The company has used wood cladding on the outside of the building which myself and a few friends that have visited think it gives the development a warm welcoming feel even before you have left your car.

Once you enter the buildings you can see from the workmanship and fixings in the hall ways that the company is more about creating something that will last than the bottom profit line.

Once inside my flat I was pleasantly surprised how the square foot had been used to create a warm spacious living space with beautiful big windows at the right places to let in the light in while keeping my flat private.

The finishing inside the flat is beautiful with real wood floors and solid kitchen & bathroom units.

I would recommend a build by Developing London for friend or family without thinking twice.

Yours one very happy resident.”