Mr F. Butler

“We cannot easily put into words just what it is like to buy a flat in a development designed and built by Clayton Lyon and Developing London – just that it has been enormously rewarding and it’s restored our faith in builders!  Clayton’s a rich mixture of decent human being, rare visionary, expert in style and design and a believer in the pursuit of excellence despite all the obstacles and hitches that inevitably present themselves during the building of a brand new development. He hand-picks his staff and to a man we’ve found them competent and good-mannered and a credit to him. The whole site is now complete and the total effect is appealing and restful with its natural wooden finishing and beautiful landscaping with sympathetic planting of swathes of wild flowers and great choices of native plants.

The flat’s interior is a blend of simplicity and high tech with its modern air exchange system and top of the range secure entry system. We feel Clayton has wanted to give people the kind of living spaces he’d enjoy himself and we’re so pleased to have been at the right place at the right time to benefit from his skill, hard work and originality. He is truly unique.”